Willian and Lampard in 2014

Willian was interviewed to share more insights on life playing under his former team mate Frank Lampard, development and his future in the club.

Joining the team in 2013, willian shared the pitch alongside Frank Lampard about 26 different occasions including Williams first against Basel and Lampards last against Norwich.

Quick and becoming the past, Frank Lampard now the manager of Chelsea and willian learning from him. We can quite agree willian is enjoying the term under the new manager and lot of praises been heaped upon him in recent matches especially against Southampton.

‘He was one of the exceptional players in his position, an intelligent player’ said willain. ‘Seeing players like him you can certainly conclude he’s going to become a manager because of their leadership and here he is with us’.

‘its a bit weird that he’s my boss now, but am excited to play with him again. He has given me confidence and am happy to play for him. He always say to me to be happy and that’s why I’ve always played like am happy and has yield much results and my performance lately. I can dedicate to him my recent matches’.

‘i feel good playing like this that’s why I’ve been playing better and better. I think our playing pattern now has really helped me, but not only that. The freedom he gives is important, I don’t have to play on the right side alone, I can switch to the left side.

Willian has continued to have interests even off pitch. A restaurant which co-owns by his former team mate David Luis and also planning to set up an online course to help the young talents who are willing to make football their career.

‘Football on pitch is good, but off pitch is more important. How you sleep, eat, tackle issues or arising problems.

‘We will talk about frustrations and things that can help a lot off pitch, its an online course so everybody everywhere in the world gets to take part.

With all the inspiration he’s giving out, willian still sticks well to his day-to-day football activities and how to become better and add more silverware’s to his name.

‘Playing for a club like Chelsea, you expect to win trophies and the philosophies now we hope to win something important for the club’ willian added.


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