Penalty taking could be said to be one of the most technical move in football, some players see it as nothing though. Some haven’t lost it before in their career while some have but still can’t be out ruled of their speciality.

Penalty in Chelsea we supposed was to be taken by Ross Barkley before he regrettably took an L  after been severely asked not to take it in the particular match.

Jorginho has certainly been of master piece when it comes to penalty taking, he has lost before and even recently which was against Liverpool in the UEFA super cup, he also lost another against Manchester city while he still plays for Napoli.

‘The jorginho bounce is just something the goal keeper can’t get to decide on’

‘it is down to the pure quality of a player because not everybody has that calmness to take penalties that way, he chooses the side at the last second, I find it difficult to decide where he’s going to’ Chelsea and Croatian international Matej Delac said.

Jorginho’s Penalty strategy and movement

‘i saw that he’s very cool and confident, he has great techniques and manages to see things before anyone, as he reaches the penalty spot he sees where the Goalkeeper is diving at’ Italian coach Mandorlini added.

On the bright side, as a goalkeeper it’ll be nothing less than a quick dive after he takes his limp before actually kicking the ball. Its a great technique and shows professionalism. He should be Chelsea’s no. 1 penalty taker from our perspective


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