Former United states of America’s coach who also played a while in Tottenham has said Pulisic will definitely conquer Premier League.

Pulisic needs to get nasty says Klinsmann with the 21 years old getting benched even in the 2-0 win at Bridge against Brighton.

Klinsmaan having worked with Pulisic in the national team has brought to notice how good he was in the German Bundesliga before he secured a transfer to Chelsea.

Klinsmann offered some advice to Pulisic saying.

“You never know its the right fit until you do it.

“He’s a very special player, tremendously talented, but its a bigger step because Dortmund was were he actually formed as a professional player.

He broke out of Dortmund’s youth system and gained start in the senior team.

Can he do it? ‘Yes he can, but you need to be patient too, sometimes we all forget he’s a young player.

You don’t have that assurance of starting in Chelsea, its a week in week out impression and ability. So its a little bit cold and nasty. He’d get used to it and become more prolific.


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