Its a tights spit for Chelsea forwards as Willian, Pulisic and Hodson-odoi will have to fight out for a starting shirt. Willian is having a perfect run this season likewise Hodson-odoi but Pulisic had set backs in the start up line. However things looks on a turnaround as Pulisic is producing a chance for himself in the starting xi with a stunning hat-trick against Burnley.


Willian took up the number 10 after Chelsea saw their talisman Eden Hazard leave for Real Madrid last summer. Willian has scored a total of 4 goals this season [ 1 in the national team- Copa America, 1 in the Champions League, 2 in the Premier League].

The 31-years-old has also contributed 2 assists with a  shot on goals average of 0.23 per match in the league competition. A total of 25 shots of which has 7 been on target and a 80% pass completion.

Christain Pulisic

21-year-old American starlet was signed in the January transfer but remained in Dortmund over a loan spell till summer. He arrived at London and earned much fans respect known fully well of his position after Eden left, he was thought to fill in for Eden and he started well but was later dropped as a substitute.

Pulisic fought back for a starting shirt off most weekends which only resulted to be on bench. His contributions off bench in some crucial matches lead to his convincing three goals at Turf Moor last weekend.

A total of 8 goals this season across all competition [ 4 goals in the national team (Friendlies and CONCACAF gold cup), 4 goals in the club (capital one cup, Premier league)].

Christian Pulisic has 2 assists with a shot on goal average of 0.38 in club  competitions. 5 starts and has played 873minutes with a  total of 12 shots having 6 on target. He has a 85% pass completion.

Callum Hodson-Odoi

Young and vibrant Callum has been notably seen as one of the best rising stars. He signed a new contract for a five years deal and now among the highest earning teenagers in the world.

Callum is brilliant and seems the future of Chelsea has he has a total of 3 goals this season [ 2 in the national team (U21 Euro 2020) and 1 in the capital one cup].

The 18-year-old has 3 assists to his name with a shot per goal average of 0.13 and has played 822 minutes, he has 83% pass completion.

The struggle for starting lineup will further be judged only with individual performances and the insights from Manager Frank Lampard.


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