Era of the youthful change in the squad hasn’t shown regrets but very stable and strong connection between the teammates and the coach.

Frank Lampard undeniably has being doing some great work down the touchline, rotating the team and getting more out of the teenage players.

In no comparison, Azpilicueta and Alonso was seated against Crystal Palace bringing in Emerson who roughly just returned from injury and Reece James only to display a phenomenal ability and technicality.

Reece James with no doubt seems the possible replacement for Azpilicueta as the Spaniard is getting old and might consider leaving or benched. James pocketed one of the most frustrating and best dribbler in the league instead leaving him [Zaha] him frustrated the whole match.

Reece has shown a positive effect in the team becoming the youngest Champions League scorer when Alonso was subbed off against ajax in the dramatic match.

“I saw it last year and I’m seeing it now in training, he’d go very very far and become a better player for the club, seeing experienced players respect young players that just came to train, its a positive sign” Lamapard said.

James and Emerson 

First match the pair started together (Chelsea vs Crystal Palace) and it seems already to be the best wing backs the club has now, Emerson defensively and attacking wise was strong and decisive and James is just so professional all through.

Alonso and Azpilicueta

No doubt Azpili is one of the best wing back in the league, he commits his seriousness in all matches and known well of his leadership role in the squad. The 30 years old joined Chelsea in 2012 from Marseille and has won 6 cups with the club with 6 goals and 33 assists , he’s the current captain of the team but saw his first out of play against Crystal palace on Saturday for what we can assume as just a resting day for him.

Alonso on the other side hasn’t proved his necessity in the team this campaign like he did under manager Antonio conte and Maurizio sarri. A bit sluggish and poor play this season has seen fans protest not getting plays in the league.

Lampard will have to stick to on side of this pair, either Azpili and Alonso sits but James and Emerson features more. Known well though that Azpilicueta will remain in the squad till end of the season before its a decisive change of Wing backs.


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