War of words between two French international Karim Benzema and Olivier Giroud seems to hot up as Giroud replies to benzema calling him a go-kart and himself a formula one car when been asked of the compatible between them.

Meanwhile Olivier Giroud led the French team for their first worldcup winning campaign back dated to 2018.

“People say you cannot compare a Formula One car with a go-kart and the only thing I can say on the matter is that I’m a world champion, so that isn’t bad for a go kart.” Giroud told reporters.

Benzema who was banished for playing for France over allegedly accused of been part of a black mailing plot with his team mate.

He said: “They only focused on that, on what I said about Formula One and karting, but it’s what I think and it’s the truth.

“Look, if I was asked about Ronaldo Nazario, then he would be the Formula One and I would be the kart. Short and simple.”


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