Chelsea suffer a defeat in the last Premier League match against Liverpool at home and were unable to keep their home safe.

The team stayed at home in the carabao cup hosting Grimsby Town in the third round and were able to trash the Grimsby to a 7-1 with goals from Barkley, Batshuayi, Pedro, Zouma, James and Hodson-Odoi.

Grimsby pulled one in the 16th minute following an error from Zouma and Guehi which was fires into the top post over caballero from Green.

But after all praises allotted to the awesomeness of display Fifa has hit Chelsea with a new rule which might cause some players to return back to the club from various loan.

The new Rule was agreed by the FIFA’s football stakeholders committee which may cause Chelsea to reduce the number of players on loan ahead of 2020/21 season.

Victor moses on loan

Its known of the team to send out young players for them to groom and become a stable player for their future use in the club, Chelsea sent over 40players out on loan across Europe last season.

The number of loan was reduced to 27this season due to current transfer ban, causing Blues not to add up players in the summer.

Charlie Musonda

The new measure which was endorsed by the committee will see the club to be allowed just eight loaned players of age 22 or above overseas during 2020/21 and further reduced to six in the 2021/22 campaign.

There will also be a restriction on the amount of loans between two clubs, with a maximum of three player out in a three out permitted by same clubs.

After being endorsed, the measure will move unto the next stage of submission to the FIFA council on October 24th.

Should the new rule comes on, it’ll hit a bad part in the Chelsea system of loaning players but we hope the club review how to manage things before the implementation.


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