It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon in London as Chelsea hosted Liverpool in the Stamford Bridge.

An impressive and worth watching watch between the two sides. With exchanges of technicality and productivity even though just one of the teams could make it home with three points.

Liverpool won the game in a 2 goals to 1 battle with Chelsea, thanks to the foundation goal from Trent Arnold which was put in in the 14th minute of the match, an accurate shot from a clingy roll-shoot pass from Mohammed Salah’s freekick from the edge of the box.

Liverpool extended their run with a header from Roberto Firmino in the 31th minute following a set piece from Robertson and Arnold. Chelsea managed to pull one goal back fro N’golo kante’s brilliant run and curly goal.

But Chelsea’s most successful coach- José Mourinho believes the club will lose their big team title if the fans and the team continue to settle for less.

Asked about how Chelsea was applauded by supporters after the match ‘i hope they don’t get used to it, its very important’ he said.

‘When you start accepting defeats just because your team played well and because the players played well and performed with commitment….. I think when you get used to it is when big clubs stops to be big clubs.

‘The fans are ready to support one of the best professionals I’ve ever worked with and a manager with good potential and I think they will accept what this season has to be.

‘Looking from reality, match result and performance, also Liverpool is 10 points clear ahead of Chelsea.

‘So let’s make it clear and objective, Chelsea can’t fight for the league title. So let’s support what their philosophy which may seem like giving time to the manager, the team and the players to grow together.


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