Former Premier League and blue player praises Tammy Abraham after becoming the second youngest player in Chelsea history to score ten goals.

Melchiot who has once been a Chelsea player suggested ways of becoming better for Tammy Abraham after the game against Liverpool.

“He needs to be more of a bad boy, as much as I know Tammy is a real finisher but as cute, young and fresh as he is I think he needs to add nastiness to his game. Look at the likes of Hasselblaink and Drogba, this guys weren’t cute when playing against them so he needs to bring out the badness” Melchiot said.

Tammy Abraham opened the score chat this afternoon as Chelsea face crystal palace and became the second youngest player to score 10 goals in the club. He has a total of 10 goals in the league with only one player tallying him (Jamie vardy).


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