Alonso’s first goal of the season ends Newcastle United resistance and completes Chelsea’s five win in a row.

A frustrating and lack of spotlights in the first half kept the stadium in silence till ball hit the referee’s face and he tripped over. There was a bit of change in the atmosphere later on in the second half though Chelsea was denied of many chances as Newcastle men where all full behind the ball.

Mason mount went a bit close after a perfectly sharp turn in the box but was denied by the goalie, willian also went in for a chance when he headed the ball  off the target. Our top scorer was brought into play but was denied of some evident chances although he hit the post once. Alonso firm shot gave Chelsea the lead and Pulisic was denied of a nice high shot by Martin Dubravka who was steadily busy in the second half.

Kepa Arrizabalaga was rather less disturbed and was able to earn his second clean sheet of the season.

It  happens to be a normal less straight and smoothing performance after an international break, Chelsea came into the game fully later on though. Just before half time, Barkley came off short with a knock on his ankle supposedly and was subbed off for Kovacic.

Dangerous passes and crosses came into Newcastle’s box regularly and Pulisic was later added to the attack as Mason Mount was subbed off.

Another dangerous cross in the 65th minute met Tammy Abraham’s head but was over some feet off the post. Hodson-odoi drove in to hit a fine shot which was deflected but met Christian Pulisic whose effort was on target but was denied by Dubravka.

20 minutes remaining in the game was when Hodson-Odoi set a nice pass for Alonso in the box as he straightens a nice and firm low shot into the post, Dubravka got his fingers on the ball but was not enough to stop the steady fast shot.




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