Its on hot debate for a while now about who’s to earn a start between this two young prodigy, Mason Mount has been on a good conversion rate and likewise is Pulisic.

Mount this season has to his name chants and appraisal from fans at one end, believing he’s the best midfielder in Chelsea right now. He’s cool headed and moves well claiming 4 goals in the Premier League with 0.44 goals per match.

Those are certainly some numbers, but recently not having good times on pitch and not creating more chances needed.

Pulisic on the other lane of the assessment sees himself mostly seated or not evening play at all. Having played a total of 313 minutes was only able to add assists to his paper work. Not really strong but is believed to be more open to chance creation.

No doubt has the whole of United States following him and criticizing reasons for not having time in the squad. Lampard heaped praises on him as he was subbed on against Newcastle to bring up a set up for a lone goal.

Is Lampard going to play him against Ajax in the Champions League group stage game on Wednesday?


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