Callum Hodson-Odoi as famously called has been in lime light since under manager Maurizio sarri late into the season.

The forward producing fine deliveries was picked over some certain star players in the club last season and was able to get a 5 goals and some assists to his name before picking up an Achilles injury which left him out till this season.

Hodson-Odoi played his first match of this season with the development squad which he was also able to bag a goal and deliver a good talismanic ability in the team.

Lampard named him as starter against Grimsby on Tuesday, though had a bad half of the game but still prove to be something special after he later added the last goal of the game.

“I know Callum’s talent and he has got a big talent. Hence why the club was keen to get him signed and we’re delighted he did. But there’s a lot of work for him to do.

“I think you can look around and look at fantastic examples not even in this team. I don’t like to talk about other clubs player but Raheem Sterling is an example of great talent whose work ethic and talent paid off for.

“In a short period of time through absolute dedication [to become] a complete player that we’re all wowed by “sterling” is exactly a great model for callum because he has those talents.

“i want him to be the best, the absolute best, because he has the potential to do that and a lot of that or some of that is some hard truths and I saw the hard truths in the game the other day and ways that he can improve and he needs to listen to them and he will.



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