Antoine Griezmann has in a way defended Chelsea striker Olivier Giroud after Benzema named him after a ‘go-kart’.

Karim Benzema who hasn’t for once touched or lifted the World cup and was exiled from the France team pinned a punch on Olivier Giroud, insisting he was a Formula 1 and Giroud a Go-kart.

Griezmann who also won the World cup alongside Olivier Giroud has defended his team mate after refusal of comment on the inscribed word on Giroud.

‘I love Olivier Giroud, he’s a good player and he helped us win the World Cup. And that’s important in life.’

“i can’t answer all that, it could get me into trouble,”Griezmann said on Twitch.

Benzema elaborated on his comments and refused to take back his words but added more.

‘About Giroud, I simply said the truth. ‘But we didn’t remember what I said about him, especially about what he brings to the French national team.  ‘We just remembered the moment when I said I was F1 and he was karting. ‘That’s what I think, that’s the truth, and that’s how it is’. Benzema added.


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