Burnley’s counter against Chelsea in the first leg of the competition showcased the arrival of young American Christian Pulisic with a perfect Hattrick, which he says was the beginning of his poor start.

Pulisic started his first game since August for Chelsea marking it with one header, a left footed and right footed goal when the blues beat Burnley at Turf Moor in a dramatic 4-2.


“It was my first goal and start in a while, I was really happy at that moment of happening and you could see it well in the way I celebrated the goals” Pulisic told reporters.

“The day going just perfectly my way, and with experiences and good performances all you do is start a confidence boost.

“Having the confidence of your teammates, coaches can really be helpful and I think it has helped and pushed me forward.

Pulisic will miss the visit of Burnley on Chelsea home ground this weekend due to a tendon injury.


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