Chelsea sits on the 1st position of the champions league group H with same point as ajax and got a win back at Amsterdam in the last champions league fixture against Ajax.

The second leg begins with Chelsea hosting the French team on Tuesday and frank Lampard has some words for the squad updates.

Lampard Pre-match conference

“Understanding the terror and great ability, the team’s posses, Ajax are such a technical team. But we’ve shown quite a great reaction since our win at Amsterdam and we must continue through and have same preparations and altitude as much as the last two games”.

“N’golo kante is fully back in the squad and has appeared in training so very much in contention for tomorrows game so we hope all niggles have been cleared”.

“I’m very happy at Mount and his performance in the team and seems to have exceeded my expectations, his fluidity and freedom of the whole squad tend to be our main source of success this season”.

“it’ll be a major key moving ball centrally quick and that sounds like the attribute of both Jorginho and kovacic, this duo has been on so lately and practiced more of that in training so far”.

Mason mount also was  interviewed and has lot of praises for his teammates and manager.

“I’m loving every moment,  its positive to have some goals and we need to keep working together and focus for a better result”

“Lampard has been my mentor and I’m learning everything off of him, I’m trying to perfect my attacking and defending so seems nobody is fit to help me with that than him, he’s been my major influencer”

“Kovacic and Jorginho are the backbone of this team, this duo keeps moving ball and it becomes more easier for the remaining players to use and enjoy the game. This two are brilliant”

“we’re so tight and the bond between the team is very strong, so we could look up to winning trophies as that our new goal”. Mount added.





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