Frank Lampard will look on consideration of the team ahead of the Manchester united Carabao cup tie, games are coming in intermittently in 3 games across all competitions.

Lampard admittedly reckon a change of team as Manchester United visits the west Londoner’s home later in the day.

‘I am aware we haven’t been rotating the squad well and that’s my droits when the team is playing well but I think this game is an opportunity for the players who hasn’t been playing week-in week-out’. Lampard said.

‘It doesn’t matter the age now, its the minute you play and I think our old and experienced players who haven’t been much on the pitch should have this opportunity’.

A single change led to a big win at Turf Moor weekend and midweek at Amsterdam, he knows well of changing the squad and I think has fetched us a seven streak of wins.

Injury Updates

Kante still unfit and Rudiger might have to take days off too, so both won’t be present on pitch. Christensen and Ruben Loftus cheek still has been ruled out too.

The first came in an opening match when we got struck to a 4-0 loss at the Old Trafford even with a fine display of performance but its quite known how the two teams trajectories has moved side ways but nothing can be predicted as its a big team clash.



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