Frank Lampard has ruled out four players ahead of clash with Watford tomorrow in the Premier League.

He admitted this weekend been too fast for this set of players for their full recovery. Antonio Rudiger, N’golo Kante, Ross Barkley and Christensen will have to sit this week out but still continue to train for further and quicker recovery.

Ruben Loftus cheek still very much not in recovery but looking to return with not much time left.

Lampard in his Pre-match conference ruled out claims that Antonio Rudiger is fully fit and insisted on miscommunication and needs to see a doctor on Monday on issues of pelvic area.

‘N’golo is back but not fully fit as he’s being working with the team in training and might be on pitch when we welcome Ajax to Stamford Bridge next week’.

‘Ross Barkley isn’t still feeling it to be OK but won’t take long for his final recovery. Christensen is back in training and working so hard but its needed of all of them to add more finishes touch to their status’.

‘Every player out of the squad right now is a big disappointment because we need the whole players so I could select at random and consistency because we need to be on top flight’ Lampard said.


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