Hello welcome to Stamford Bridge where Lampard is answering to media after Chelsea loss to Liverpool.

Sloppy first half for Chelsea who were drowned with 2 goals from Trent Arnold and Roberto Firmino crashing hope of Lampards first home win.

Chelsea added spice to the game in the second half, creating heavy chances and disqualified goals before scored a superb solo goal.

Close to an equaliser with lot of shots flinging in and out of Liverpool’s box but Liverpool was able to hold on to 3 points at full-time, making it their 6th consecutive wins in this seasons campaign.

Christensen’s injury update

He’s got a bang from behind on his knee but we don’t know the full extent of that yet.


We need to work hard, setpieces is another animal itself, we defended well at times and not. It is hard to replicate everything in training.

injury updates

Emerson’s injury is similar to what he had before, Christensen is a hit behind his knee. We’d access them soon.


We end up not being surprised by Kante, bit I have to bring Tomori up. To go up against salah, everything he did was world class.

No Home win

Yes it is a great concern, we will win one soon. We showed we could compete against Liverpool, now we need to aspire like them.

Better team performance?

Yes of course, the performance was great. The second half especially. Good spirit, balance and efforts but we need points tho.


I have a squad to pick from, I decided to go with Mount. His chance will come and he’s a young player. There are people on the bench too.


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