It was a wonderful night in the Stamford Bridge as Chelsea wins Grimsby by 7 goals to 1.

Player ratings

Willy Caballero

Had just one threatening free save in the first half before being shot at for the second time dying over him into the net.

Second half was not at all threatening from Grimsby as willy enjoys the view of the game from his box. 5

Reece James

Debuting for the senior team and had a very good play in the night’s game. He had hands in goals of Michy Batshuayi, Kurt Zouma and Callum Hodson-Odoi.

Very solid in the second half, winning many duels and to end it all was a beautiful outside box shot he scored. 9

Marc Guehi

Battled a physically fit player James Hanson all through but he silences him perfectly.

Had an error caused, which led to Grimsby goal when he and Kurt Zouma let a goal kick roll over them to the opponents hand who shot it over caballero through the roof. It was a great night for him. 7

Kurt Zouma

He was very key in the game with exchange of passes and gibing the opponents tough times on ball.

Caused a goal which he and Guehi refused to nod out. He took a leader role in the defense and was very good. 7

Marcos Alonso

Good stand in the left position with great defensive ability this night, allowing him to win crosses and nodding from his goal area.

He was solid in the second half before he was replaces by Ian Maatsen. 6

Ross Barkley

Well deserved goal after a solo run into the opponents box.. Very good start and kept thing simple and organized in the midfield.

He was brilliant and always lookingbto get the ball into the box. Nice game played. 7

Billy Gilmour

Physically challenged because he lacks the agility and strength to mark, but he had one of his best nights game today.

Collected passes and distributed them well absolutely bossed the midfield creating chances for the whole player as all the possession went through him. 9


Had a nice through ball to James to score his goal, was involved in the game in the first half but quenched his performance has he struggles back to form in the second half.

He was very silent afterward. 4



A bit silent in the first half and was teaming up well with Batshuayi . He scored a Penalty with a fine well placed shot.

Slightly silent in the second half and had no real connection with the game. 6

Callum Hodson-Odoi

Struggled in the first half to find a ball to himself, the ones that came his way was used to perform his trickery and pacing abilities on the Grimsby players.

Found clean chances in the second half which he lost but was so disturbing until he scored a goal which added Chelsea’s 7th of the night. 8

Michy Batshuayi

Nice Physical challenges won, nice movements and finishing touches for his brace.

Scored one in the first half and smashed the second in the second half to make Chelsea’s sixth.


Ian Maatsen [ on for Alonso 67′]

Good left side runs and looks another choice for the clubs manager. 6

Tino Anjorin [ on for Pedro 67′]

Fixed himself right into the game, with some noticeable technicality even tho losing a goal. 6




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